Haha, Haikus

I carry around a notebook with me in which I write down haikus. Most of them are pretty rubbish, but practice does help make them better. I find that, most of the time, I end up in rather whimsical territory, which means that, given the restrained and refined history of the haiku, where poets aim to convey a rich sentiment or experience as elegantly and with as few words possible, my contributions often feel something like a Mario Cipollini skinsuit amidst a peloton of people playing by the rules.

Here are a few from my notebook that I thought I would share with you.

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hence may contain some words that
unattended for
A reference to autocorrect shenanigans, obviously.

I wonder if I
can write a poem about
my black-and-white socks
Yes, I can.

softer hands holding
me, hopelessly beautiful
but I never asked
Somebody, somewhere.

we moved away from
solitary apartments
and threadbare towels
Upward mobility!

fat tires revolve
crushed rock harmonizes with
my contented sigh
The joys of riding on crushed limestone trails.

man is appointed
to die once and face judgement
so it goes, he says
Kerouac was hard-hearted?

silvery blue tones
gracious curves on the fretboard
fingers flying up
Devin Townsend used D'Addario strings because they sound "more silver and blue and less.....purple."

hands on a glass door
soft face weeping in sunlight
love stands on the porch 
Somewhere between the paintings of Hopper and Pearlstein.

drip drip drip drip drip
jazz gig in a urinal
thunderous applause
Admittedly juvenile, this one is redeemed by being able to read the first line in whatever meter you want. Jazz, man.

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