10/7/08 with Joe Satriani in Minneapolis at the State Theater

UPDATED: With pictures and links and extra content!

10/7/08 Joe Satriani arrives in Minneapolis on his new album tour.

6:08PM - Arrive at the State Theater via bicycle. I drove to a spot about 13 blocks out, parked for free, and biked downtown.

6:30 - Doors opened. The show has assigned seating, so there was no rush to get in. I walked into the theater to the sound of David Bowie singing "I'm Afraid of Americans"
over the PA system.

6:40- I spot a guy who I saw at a Buckethead show a couple weeks ago. I recognize him by his Steve Vai t-shirt. I go over to him, talk to him for a bit, and leave after giving him a pound. Good deed done for the day!

6:45 - My blood sugar is at 50. Nowhere near my record low, but still enough to warrant me chowing down on the two glucose tablets I brought with me.

6:47 - The theater is still barely full.

6:48 - Van Halens "The Full Bug" off of their Diver Down album comes over the PA system.

6:51 - The music takes a negative turn when the Foo Fighters come on. Man, I hate "Monkey Wrench."

6:56 - That retarded, "What can I do~~? All I want is to get next to you~~" song comes on the PA.

6:58 - I leave my seat to go find some soda, just in case those tablets don't hold me over. I end up outside, where I take a picture of the marquee. I settle with convincing a bartender to give me some sugar packets when I can't find a single vending machine.

7:03 - Back in my seat. Nearly everyone I see around me is over age 35.

7:08 - I might have the best seat in the house. I am eleven rows back on the isle on house left. Facing the front, the entire stage fits just neatly in my whole field of vision. Satch usually plays on stage right of his band, so I will get an excellent view.

7:21 - The couple who rented the seats next to me for the evening have arrived. They comment on how close the seats are to the stage and pull out earplugs.

7:22 - I feel like I'm the only person at the show who does not own a Satriani or Vai t-shirt.

7:24 - As if to prove my point, a family of five arrives a few rows away from me, all wearing identical Professor Satchafunkalis t-thirts.

7:29 - Light dim as Mountain takes the stage. The lead guy makes a lame comment questioning why the twins cities are named so when they don't look anything like each other.

7:32 - Latecomers arrive, blocking my view.

7:35 - Mountain's bassist is already swinging his dreads around in circles.

7:36 - "Theme for an Imaginary Western"

7:46 - "Nantucket Sleigh Ride"

8:06 - "Mississippi Queen." It's about time, Mountain.

8:13 - Mountain leaves the stage.

8:15 - I learn how to use my friend Kyle's digital camera. I also throw down a packet of sugar.

8:18 - I leave my seat to pee. The line for the men's room extends about forty guys outside the door. Women are giggling at us.

8:24 - I return to my seat to hear "Swlabr" by Cream over the PA. Finally, something good.

8:28 -Another couple has appeared and claims that their tickets entitle them to my seat. I disagree and produce my ticket. A nearby usher clarifies that they are in the wrong section of the theater. They smile and apologize. All is well.

8:30 A guitar tech is testing an acoustic on stage. I remember that Satch's new album has some acoustic stuff on it. Maybe I will get to hear some live?

8:31 - The sheet is pulled off the drum set. Man, Mr. Campetelli has quite the set-up.

8:33 - "Purple Haze" is now playing in the theater. Good for Hendrix.

8:39PM - Satch is on!


I Just Want to Rock
Satch Boogie
Ice Nine
Flying in Blue Dream
(No clue)
One Big Rush
Cool #9
(No clue)
Stu's bass solo
Always With Me, Always With You
Surfing With The Alien
Summer Song (encore)

10:38PM - After a two-hour set including an encore and then three more songs with the Mountain dude, the show is over. Joe has used five different guitars, four of his signature axes and one Les Paul. I exit the theater and hop on my bike.

11:13 - I arrive home, a little less than six hours after I left.

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