2007: A Recap

2007 was a good year. A great year. Like all years it had ups and downs, but I am not a person who dwells on the unpleasant memories.

Things I did in 2007:

-Got my first A in college
-Had the best kiss of my life
-Blacked out from alcohol consumption for the first time
-Had my first cigarette and cigar
-Fell in love with David Bowie
-Learned how to play Guitar Hero
-Posted my first YouTube video
-Bought my first car
-Added over 150 new cds to my collection
-Entered the workforce full time
-Bought a guitar
-Sold the guitar
-Got a keyboard
-Installed Leopard after the Mac BSOD
-Fell in love with Pan's Labyrinth
-Gave up video games
-Had Christmas away from my family
-Didn't watch 300
-Attended an awesome wedding
-Watched my brother graduate
-Saw Vernon Reid live
-Fell in love with Scrabble
-Went through three iPods
-Bought clothing for a dog
-Started writing
-Got addicted to Qwantz.com
-Saw My Brightest Diamond live
-Started this blog
-Packed up my life in Japan