Gourmet indeed!

I find it a rare occasion that I am able to sit down with two good friends over a good meal. Tonight, however, happens to be one of them.

Tonight I am scheduled to take my brother and friend Ryan to the best yakitori restaurant in Tokyo. While the restaurant serves more than yakitori, it is their chicken-on-a-stick that has me recommending the place to everyone who I think truly appreciates spending big bucks for good food. Yes, the place is not cheap. It is run by a single guy, the owner, and preparing food takes him about twenty minutes per order. This will be a two and a half hour meal at least.

I figure we'll start the night out with a round of draft beers followed by raw chicken liver, raw horse meat, and a bowl of cabbage. The cabbage goes well with the beer, and the raw meat is an excellent appetizer.

Following that we start ordering the yakitori. I figure 4 sticks each of heart, neck, and thigh, and maybe 2 sticks of liver. Maybe we'll decide to try something new as well. Who knows.

After that I'll order some semi-cooked chicken with legumes, rice, and maybe some tea. I wouldn't be surprised if we added a soup to that as well. Once we are all full, we'll order a few rounds of their house saké, after which we will enjoy good conversation on the spirited train ride home.

Ah, bliss.