New town, new awesome faces, and new issues to deal with

So I guess a lot has been going on lately, even though I don’t particularly feel that my life has been moving at any quicker a pace. Moving to a new place always makes time go by more quickly in retrospect, but the juxtaposition of being unemployed and having a lot of time on my hands evens out the two extremes.

So, yes, World, it is true. I have moved. I now reside in a house with five other guys my age in St. Paul, Minnesota. Why, you ask, did I move? Well, there are a few reasons. The first is that I felt that God was calling me to become part of the Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis. This church is pastored by John Piper, a rather famous Baptist preacher who has written many books - of which I have read regrettably few - about many religious topics. He is a man I respect very much. The second reason is that while visiting Bethlehem Baptist on my roadtrip, I found a wanted ad for a roommate. The price was right, so I called the guy, toured the house, and told him that I would show up to sign a September 1st lease. Yes, I literally changed the course of the next year (at least) of my life in one afternoon. No, I don’t really consider myself impulsive.

Ok, that is completely not true.

Impulsive or not, I came through on my promise and moved into the house in September. I arrived with the entire contents on my van, and moved into a completely empty room with no furniture whatsoever. Not even a closet rod was to be found. I clearly had a lot of work to do.

Craigslist.com, here I come!
Three days later, my room looks like this.

Desk - $40, chair - $2.99, CD/book rack - $20, closet rod - $9. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. Thank goodness I have a huge van. That desk wieghed close to 200lbs. And this is one of my two kitchens.

Now I have to find a job.