Brief updates from various spaces in my life

-I recently sold my candy-apple red Fender strat copy to instead invest in a 25-key USB/MIDI controller. It has a pitch-bend wheel, which excites me greatly.

-Speaking of 'excite', whatever happened to www.excite.com? Does anyone even care about it anymore? It made the Internet so exciting(tm)!

-I am keeping up with the respective season four's of both The Office and House, M.D. via torrent. Both are sufficiently awesome.

-My car has been in the shop for about 17 of the last 21 days. More on that after I finish Part 3 of my extravaganza.

-I have rocked Medium on Guitar Hero II to the point of unlocking the Viking Guitar (five stars on all songs). I also have started playing Gran Turismo 4.

-I pre-ordered Mac OS 10.5 Leopard, along with two gigs of RAM for my Macbook. Thoughts on that when they arrive later this week!

-The new Radiohead album, available for free via download, was downloaded by me within 15 minutes of release. Dare I call it their best album since Kid A?

-I am gearing up for No-Spend November, a month of buying nothing that isn't completely necessary. This means no new music, movies, being content with water for lunches, not going anywhere that requires tolls, etc. Let's see how much money I can save!

-Cute girls!