Conclusion of My Roadtrip, '08!

I guess now that I have settled down somewhere, my summer roadtrip can be considered complete - in both eventful terms and successful terms! That's right, boys and girls, I made it through thirteen different states in a little less that a month, picked up a hitchhiker, had my car overheat, and got questioned by police and lived to tell about it. More about my current situation later, but for now, here is a list of things I learned:

Things I learned

-How to change my own oil. It’s actually rather easy.

-Arkansas is littered with armadillos. This is because (a) they are slow, and (b) when startled by a car they jump straight up in the air.

-You are never too old for animal crackers.

-There still are towns in the US that practically close down on Sunday.

-Playing Guitar Hero is much harder when you have no strap.

-TED videos are super informative.

-Minneapolis is a fantastic city for bicycling. Memphis is not.

-Oklahoma City is a really cheap place to live.

-Police in rural Arkansas will notice a shadily-parked van rather quickly, no matter how late at
night it is.

-I indeed own one of the largest non-commercial vehicles money can buy.

-Watching a video of sprint cars wrecking is entertaining.

-Marijuana can and indeed does grow in closets.

-I really enjoy hearing the phrase, “Would you like your balance in large bills, sir?”

-Nerdfighters are awesome and awkward.

-The Jesse James Farm Homestead is 4 (out of the advertised 3) miles off the highway, closes
gates at 4PM, and was not worth seeing anyway.

-Gas in the US doesn’t get much cheaper than $3.43/gallon.

-LOLcats are awesome.

-Trackstanding on a fixie is a lot of fun, especially when you can do it for twenty seconds at a

-I have a secret affection for cast-iron skillets.

-The Bean in Chicago is possibly the best public sculpture in the USA.

-Nacho cheese flavored sunflower seeds are tasty.

-Joe Satriani really is a brilliant guitarist.

-The best used CD/record store in the world (so far) is in downtown Normal, Illinois.

-The Memphis Public Library sucks.

-Though Route 61 and Route 96 both go south through Kansas, they are different kinds of

-McEwans, 1554, Two-Hearted Ale, and 2XX are all quite good beers.

-Prolonged exposure to chlorine bleach gives me a headache.

-Navigating the American highway system is not as hard as I thought.

Hooray! Now, off to get my new life organized!