Subtlety is key

With about an hour left to go in my shift today, I was asked to take all of the work that we had done and cart it up to the the binding department on the second floor. The newly printed calendars only occupied eight palates or so, and bookbinding in only one floor up.

With the handy elevator by my side, no big deal.

Grabbing a convenient red-colored jack, I proceeded to scoop up the palates two at a time and load them into the elevator, after which the group of us took a nice ride up to the dark and deserted second floor. Then we made out. Ok, not really. It was all very platonic. After I had moved five of the eight palates, I found myself in a pickle; there was not enough floor space for the remaining three palates. The printed and cut paper, only hours ago so tightly wrapped up in a 250kg roll, was going to be separated! By me!

Actually, this is probably not a problem.

I rode the elevator back down and decided to seek out my supervisor, to see what he would advise. A quick search of the premises (ok, so he was right there) and we delved into deeply veiled, very Japanese double talk.

Me: "I have moved all the palates I can at this time." (Translation: "I'm done")
Him: "Are you sure? There are still three palates remaining! Look!" ("You're totally slacking.")
Me: "There are no more spaces on the floor to put any more palates! I have run out of open concrete! ("I am not slacking. I finished, fair and square.")
Him: "You know, seriously, any open space is fine. As long as you don't obstruct a obvious walkway, they can go anywhere!" ("You may actually be done. I will still, however, offer helpful suggestions to possibly save face.")
Me: "I am more than willing to double check upstairs to see if, in my inexperience, I may have overlooked an open space of floor. Shall I go now?" (It would be very difficult for me to do as you ask. However, you are my superior.")
Him: "No, it is ok, do not stress yourself over little details. Finish up and go home!" ("Yay! I saved face and at the same time look considerate!")

After this nice exchange, I proceeded to clean up around my work area, read a bit of a newly printed Bible, pray, and clock out.

Wee! More pictures!

[A Cutter/folder thing]

[ M, K C, and Y colored ink to be loaded]

[The four ink dispensers, one for each color]

[Very large, very heavy paper rolls stacked on top of one another]