A Poem About Some Sweet Pants

I have pants
These pants are blue
These pants are of no importance to you
For they are my pants

Every morning I pull on my pants
Because I can wear them without a belt
They are my favorite pair of pants
And I have never washed them

My mom bought me these pants
I said, “ I want those pants.”
She said, “Are you sure?”
I said “Yes.”
I got the pants

Teachers look at me and say
Young man, you might go far someday
(I think it’s the pants!)
I like these pants

I wear my pants in my van
I wear these pants despite the heat
I can stick it to the man
In these pants

If you saw a picture
of these pants of mine so dear
You would scoff, wrinkle your face
And say, “ Those are but pants.”
But I like these pants

I can dance in these pants
Which would be great
If I could dance
Some things cannot be helped
Even when wearing these pants

I walk the town in these pants
I spy on people, too
Around the corner, I see France
Maybe soon, I’ll see you

You will say
“I like those pants”
And I will think you cute

And we will dance
In our pants
For I can dance, with you.


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Everyone should be able to check this box at least once in their lifetime!

I was finishing up my taxes the other day, and I came to this screen.

Knowing that little things like this exist on tax forms makes me happy.


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