The Super Great Car-Finding Saga Extravaganza - Part Three

(The title of this blog is not pretentious at all)

So I realize that Part Three has been extremely slow in the making/writing/publishing, but there is a reason for this! I have been lazy. Yes, I realize that it is not a good reason, but it IS a reason. We last left off where I had called the nice salesman trying to sell me a Jaguar with a faulty instrument panel and sagging headliner (gross!), and I was left with very few leads on potential cars to buy. As fate would have it, however, my future car was closer to me that I had realized. Because of the nature of my work I am constantly gassing up cars at a local gas station. I go there, no joke, about four times a day. I had seen a older model black Nissan 300ZX sitting on the lot with a for-sale sign in the window but it was priced at a bit more than I was willing to spend. One Monday I casually mentioned it to one of the guys working at the station.

"That's a nice Z sitting out there."

"Yeah man, it's been there for a while. Just can't seem to sell it, which is a shame, because the guy would sell it for less than that price, too."

My ears perked up.

"How much less?"

He quoted me a significantly lower number. I was hooked. Apparently the guy who was selling it needed money for Vegas "bad", and just wanted to unload the car. It had a brand new inspection, new battery, and was ridiculously clean inside and out. It had a 3.0L V6 (a big engine for a car only weighing 2000kg), a five speed automatic tranny, leather seats, heated mirrors, power drivers seat, new tires, and an aftermarket Alpine CD system. The guy told me to come back on Wednesday and talk to the guy who was selling it for his buddy. I showed up at the station around 10am on Wednesday with a large amount of cash in an envelope, talked to the other guy who told me to go down the road to ASC Title and Tags to get a license plate and temporary registration and transfer ownership of the car. I had to work from 12:30, so I booked it down to the title place, filled out the paperwork, and got a new plate. Luckily I had my checkbook with me, because I had forgotten all about the tag and title fees which turned out to be about $100. I rushed back up to the gas station, handed over the money for the car, put on my plate, and drove off to work. I had one of the technicians at my job look at the car for me, because I know next to nothing about cars or engines or anything.

For those of you wondering - yes, I bought the car without ever driving it or even sitting in it.

The tech recommended I get a whole new rear suspension system (which makes sense considering the stock suspension was now 20 years old) and new front brake rotors. I had the work done and now my car is running awesomely. More importantly, I HAVE a car, and did not get ripped off by some guy trying to offload a junker. My car has a few quirks (no passenger side mirror, for example), but overall it runs fantastically well.

Look out world, I am going to drive home now.